Looking forward to the Sark Folk Festival!

June 29, 2016 / 

This weekend, we are really pleased to be sponsoring the wonderful and brilliant Sark Folk Festival again, in what we hope will be three days full of fun, good music and cider. We’ll be there so keep an eye out for us and our newly-designed Sark Folk Festival banner!

This year, the Sark Folk Festival will be bringing back some of the Channel Islands’ favourite bands as well as a few newcomers. Artists from France, Scotland and even Australia have travelled to experience the ever-supportive Channel Island crowd. Over 1,200 people attended each of the days last year and we believe there will be even more this weekend.

If you’ve missed out on the tickets or are unable to go this weekend, St James is previewing band Les Dièses on Friday night and has four other artists in concert on Monday. Tickets are available from the St James box office.

To get you in the spirit of the Folk Festival, we’ve dug out a video of Clare Salaman playing Guernsey’s oldest folk instrument, the ‘Chifournie’, which was filmed in our very own Oliver Westgarth’s barn a few years back. Enjoy!