Stephen Welch MA MLI
Chartered Landscape Architect

Managing Director
Welch Landscape Design Ltd
Registered Practice of the Landscape Institute

CCD and Welch Landscape Design, have worked closely on a number of major projects in Guernsey over the last 7 years. CCD Architects consider that excellent landscaping and garden design are intrinsic to a successful project, and as a result, Stephen is often recommended and employed at the site planning stage to maximise the opportunities that the landscape has to offer.

Stephen has the professional skills to fully develop all these opportunities and solve problems using design techniques based on an understanding of the external environment, knowledge of the functional and aesthetic characteristics of landscape materials, and of the organisation of landscape elements, external spaces and activities.

The garden is a fundamental part of the design of a building; the landscape often being an extension of the architecture and living space. A key consideration throughout the design process is to construct buildings and a landscape, which together work in harmony so that each compliments the other.

The landscape design process is a considered and careful one, including the requirements and desires of the client, the limitations and potential of the site and location, the built environment and the architecture, budgets and very importantly, planning considerations.

Planning permissions often require that landscape design, ecology and tree preservation are fully considered. Working closely with Stephen has resulted in the successful agreement and consent of many complex schemes through the planning process.

A staged approach to the design process is offered, from concept and sketch designs through to detailed design and specification of plants and hard landscape materials. This encourages all members of the design team and clients to have a full involvement in the design and its creation.

Stephen has a very hands on approach and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty when gardens are being constructed. Shrubs and trees are selected at source which gives greater control over quality and price. The construction of architectural features, including ponds and streams, lighting, walling, paving and driveways all benefit from a practical on site understanding of how things are built. Schemes can often evolve dramatically when they are translated from paper to site and this level of control has real practical benefits when maximising the opportunities that often become available.

His wealth of experience and design expertise is highly valued. Welch Landscape Design Ltd., has been established for 18 years and this included time spent working for The Daily Telegraph as their very own garden design service.